NSEV Acupuncture & Cupping Therapy

NSEV™ (Non-somatic Extraordinary Vessel) Healing & Acupuncture is a philosophy of health, and a method of treating and preventing disease, that integrates the mind, body and spirit.
— Daniel Atchison Nevel, Founder of NSEV

As the first NSEV certified Doctor of Chiropractic, acupuncture, cupping, moxibustion and guasha are utilized in treatments to further enhance the healing process of the body while reaching a deeper, long lasting form of treatment. NSEV methods and philosophy aim to create a healthy balance among each person's internal functioning patterns, while simultaneously affecting the way a person interacts with the world around them.

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NSEV Acupuncture Needling

NSEV Acupuncture Needling is the use of thin needles inserted into the body at specific points known to be safe and effective in treatment. Using the NSEV model for diagnosis, the points and treatment protocol used will assist the natural flow and movement of Qi and blood while stimulating nerve impulses to help the body heal and harmonize.

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Cupping Therapy

On a physical level this session is designed to:

Release and loosen muscles and fascia throughout the body.

Balance and level the body by releasing muscle tension just below the surface.

Harmonize the top & bottom of the body by relaxing the chest and deepening breathing while simultaneously relaxing and opening the pelvis.

Invigorate circulation & relaxation through out the entire body.

On an emotional and spiritual level the session is designed to:

Help dredge & release old unexpressed emotions that “lie beneath the surface”

Help you move more freely & express yourself with greater grace in the world.

Help you relax into deeper states of inner peace.